About Nicole

Nicole is a UX designer based in Amsterdam. She's passionate about travel, collaboration and shaping new designers through her activities as a mentor, speaker & blogger.

Become a UI/UX Designer

Learning UI/UX design can be overwhelming, especially if you're coming from a different field and you're hesitant about how to start. I know that because I've been there, I've taught myself UX design and I learned a lot of things on the way. This is why I made this course to help you kickstart your design career. 🚀 How it works This course is divided into 5 concise chapters to make sure you get the smoothest learning experience possible, starting from the fundamentals all the way to getting hired. 🎉 The fundamentals - The principles of a good UI and intuitive UX. The tools - The latest design tools and how to design an app in Figma. The process - The streamlined UX design step-by-step process. The mindset - The values that successful designers have in common. The next steps - The steps to become a better designer and get hired asap. The course includes 💡  3 hours of practical and condensed knowledge  📼  Immediate access to the entire collection of videos 🙌  Actionable, easy-to-digest 5-min videos 📄  Downloadable recap document for every lesson 📝  Worksheet exercises to apply what you learned 👏  Valuable links and resources for every lesson ✅  The ultimate UX project checklist as a takeaway Get the inside scoop Join 1,000+ subscribers to get notified about updates, launch info and special deals on my design courses. Sign me up!
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